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1. Booking and Deposits:

1.1 To secure a hair extension service appointment, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total service cost, including both the cost of hair and installation, is required. The deposit is payable at the time of booking.

1.2 The deposit amount will be deducted from the total service cost, and the remaining balance will be due at the time of the appointment.

1.3 Failure to provide the required deposit may result in the cancellation of the appointment.

2. Cancellation and Rescheduling:

2.1. In the event that the Client needs to cancel or reschedule the appointment, the non-refundable deposit and purchased hair for the Client will not be returned.

2.2. The Client may reschedule the appointment within 90 days of the original appointment date without forfeiting the deposit.

2.3. In the event that the Hair Extension Specialist needs to reschedule the appointment, the Client will be notified as soon as possible, and the appointment will be rescheduled at a mutually agreeable time.

3. Consultation:

3.1 A consultation will be conducted prior to the appointment to assess the client's hair and determine the appropriate hair extension method, type, and color.

3.2 The client must provide accurate and complete information about their hair and any previous treatments that might affect the hair extension process.

4. Selection of Hair Extensions:

4.1 The client can choose from a variety of hair extension types and qualities. The final choice will impact the total service cost.

4.2 Once the client approves the selection, any changes may result in additional costs.

5. Service Duration:

5.1 The duration of the hair extension installation process may vary based on the chosen method, the quantity of hair, and other factors.

5.2 The client should allocate sufficient time for the appointment and understand that variations in the duration may occur.

5.3. Haircut/blending is included in your installation fee. However, color is a separate service and is charged if needed.


6. Results and Maintenance:

6.1 While every effort will be made to achieve the desired results, outcomes can vary based on individual hair characteristics.

6.2 Proper maintenance and aftercare are essential to maintain the longevity and appearance of hair extensions.

6.3 The specialist will provide guidelines for maintenance and aftercare, and it is the client's responsibility to follow these guidelines.

6.4. The Hair Extension Specialist will provide the Client with aftercare instructions and recommendations for maintaining the hair extensions.

6.5. The Hair Extension Specialist is not responsible for any damage to the hair extensions resulting from improper care, neglect, or use of unauthorized products.

6.6. The Client is responsible for returning to the Hair Extension Specialist for regular fee maintenance appointments.

7. Liability:

7.1. The Hair Extension Specialist will take all reasonable precautions during the installation process. However, the Client acknowledges that there are inherent risks associated with hair extension services.

7.2. The Hair Extension Specialist shall not be liable for any injuries, damages, or allergic reactions that may arise as a result of the hair extension installation.

7.3 The specialist is not responsible for any damage to the client's natural hair, or scalp, or any adverse reactions caused by the hair extensions.

7.4 The client agrees to follow the specialist's recommendations and guidelines to minimize potential risks.

8. Allergic Reactions and Sensitivities:

8.1 The client should inform the specialist of any known allergies or sensitivities prior to the appointment.

8.2 In the event of an allergic reaction or sensitivity, the specialist should be notified immediately.

9. Refunds and Exchanges:

9.1 Due to the customized nature of the service, refunds or exchanges for hair extensions are generally not available once the service has been provided.

9.2 Any concerns regarding the service should be raised immediately, and the specialist will address them appropriately.

10. Agreement:

10.1 By booking a hair extension service, the client acknowledges and agrees to these terms and conditions.

10.2 These terms and conditions may be subject to change without prior notice.

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